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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Morning


I've SO enjoyed my break with my family and now it's time to get back to "the grind" but I'm doing it on my terms this year and am thinking about how I want to adjust things to make it "just so".

ANYWAY, How have YOU been? I truly hope the holidays were wonderful for you and yours. Ours were fantastic.

I have to share this story with you from our Christmas morning. It's too great and I really don't want to forget it. Here goes...

my beautiful boy. <3
One of Alex's gifts needed to be assembled so the hubster and I tackled that on Christmas Eve and left the assembled crane under the tree with the rest of his gifts. When Alex woke up, he immediately saw the crane and went right to it to play with it. Shortly after that, I woke up and grabbed my bathrobe before sitting down on the couch to watch Alex play.

Then the questions started.

Alex: "Thank you so much for this mobile crane, mommy. Why did you get this for me?"
Me: "Dad and I thought you would like that buddy. Do you like it?"
Alex: Yes, mommy. I really do like it. But, but, but....where did you get this from?
Hubster: "We got that from the store"
Alex: Oh. *long pause as he looks around about the tree* Hey, is that Mater? Can I open that? {he spotted his Mater guitar}
Me: "Buddy, we're going to wait for Eliana to finish breakfast before we open gifts. K?"
Alex: {looks around confused and then, after a very long pause in conversation, stands to ask} MOMMY! Is this CHRISTMAS MORNING???? {jumping up and down now} I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

Oh my word, it was the funniest thing to see. You really had to be there. The poor child was so confused after just waking up that it took him that long to figure out it was, in fact, Christmas day. LOL I still can't figure out why he was so lost. We celebrated Christmas Eve at church and had family over for dinner afterward. So, he must have known that Christmas came next, right? Right? LOL

Anyway, that's how our day started and it was all uphill from there. We had a great morning together and then a fun visit with family after naps were out of the way. :)

Tell me about you! Did you get any nice gifts or have any fun moments like we did?


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