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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hubster Is Loving His ProActive Comfort Pillow From Sleep Studio {review}

I sleep on one of those contoured, memory foam pillows. I find that it helps me sleep better at night and certainly keeps me from having neck or back pain when I wake up. The hubster, on the other hand? He had one of those pillows that you find for around $10 in the pillow bin at your local home store. Those can't possibly be comfortable, can they?

Mercifully, we were offered a ProActive Comfort Pillow to try out from the nice people at Sleep Studio. Initially, I started using it. I thought it was very comfortable and loved the contoured bottom that helped make for a very cozy night's sleep. {I sleep on my side.} Unfortunately, I got a migraine headache the second night I was using it and had to grab my old pillow as the light, green tea scent of the pillow did not agree with my sensitive nose that night.

I decided to let the hubster try the pillow after my migraine. I get them often enough that I can't have anything scented by my face in bed...unfortunately. Now, my hubby sleeps on his back so I was wondering how he would feel about the contoured shape on the bottom. His first night on the pillow, he said it would take some getting used to, but he thought it was comfortable.

...That was a week ago...

The hubster has been using this pillow every night and keeps telling me that he feels like he's sleeping better than he was on his old pillow. I've noticed that he doesn't move around as much in his sleep. There were nights when he would flip flop back and forth and end up sleeping on his stomach {and not very soundly at that}. However, since he started using the ProActive Comfort Pillow, he's barely moved at all and is enjoying a good night's sleep every time. {Well, unless one of the kids wake up, that is.}

So, what makes this pillow unique and wonderful? Let's look to Sleep Studio's own description to gather these details.

• 3 lb. high-density ViscoFresh memory foam
• ViscoFresh has a plant-based formula to reduce the amount of petro chemicals
• Green tea additive naturally replaces “fresh foam” odor
• Hypoallergenic
• Made with Micro Safe, a natural, eco-friendly anti-microbial
• Easy care, zippered removable cover is 75% cotton/25% polyester knitted velour
• Inner cover is 100% polyester jersey knit
• Pillow made in USA, cover made in China

Sleep on your side with the neck cradle side and your head and neck will be properly positioned to enhance airflow and reduce snoring. The other side supports your head and neck for complete comfort and a healthy alignment of the spine. Either way, you’ll relax into a deep, restful sleep. Made with top-to-bottom air channels and our exclusive, breathable ViscoFresh enhanced memory foam to increase air circulation within the pillow, keeping the surface comfortably cool.
What it all boils down to for me is whether or not the pillow makes any substantial difference in sleep. In this house it has and I'm sure that it will provide many, many more nights of sound sleep for my hubby.

Buy It: You can purchase the ProActive Comfort Pillow for $69.99 from Sleep Studio.

**Thanks to Sleep Studio for supplying the complimentary, mentioned item to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any other way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item being reviewed. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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