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Friday, March 25, 2011

Aloha Friday ~ Of Random Children's Movies

I'm grateful it's Friday and I'm ready for the day...I think. Thank goodness I can count on a simple question/answer post as hosted by Kailani of An Island Life. If you'd like to play along, visit her blog for the rules and linky.

Today's question has to do with some of the random videos my son picks up. Yes, I said videos. We still have a VCR { judging}. I feel it's an easy way to allow my 3 {nearly 4} year old to be a little independent with his movies. If he breaks a video, it's cheap to replace {but could be hard to find, as I'm learning.} Anyway, we thrift store shop a lot and he loves when they have the "Buy 4 videos for $1" deals. I'm a fan too, but I'm learning to be more picky about what I let him choose.

He has this movie that's a live action video about trains. The acting on it is HORRIBLE and sometimes I even laugh at it when I know it isn't really supposed to be funny. {Like the one time that there's a car on the track and they "gotta stop that train!".}

Sorry to babble on...

My question is:
Does your child own a random movie that makes you cringe when they want to watch it? {or even makes you laugh inappropriately?} 

Have a wonderful Friday. I know I've been waiting for this day all week. :)



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