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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hair U Wear Helps Defeat The "Bad Hair Day" {Review}

Just in case we haven't met, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amy. I'm a mom to 2 beautiful children and a wife to the best hubster on the planet. I'm 30-ish, have short, curly hair {yes, it's natural}, and very little time for fuss. But there are days I look in the mirror and say to myself, "I wish I could just have different hair right now". Although, I never dreamed that wish would be possible without a pricey commitment. 
I recently began receiving a series of emails showing how my home, could duplicate the looks of celebrities on shows like Dancing With The Stars by using a certain product. I read them over as they came in and first. "I'm sure if I attempted that, I would mess it up and would regret spending the money on the product" was my initial thought. I changed my mind, though, and decided to at least try something different. So, I responded to an email and asked if a review would be possible. 

That's what's brought me to this post. I received a few different things to try out, all matching my hair color, and thought I'd begin playing with them right away. 

The first item I tried is something I use A LOT now. It is was my best kept secret but even after this post goes up, I'm positive I'll continue to fool people into thinking that "I did this myself" and "of course it took forever".  What is this item I speak of? It's the Bellissima from the Dancing With The Stars line of POP {put on pieces}.  
This piece is a braided headband that gives a nice, finished look to a simple hairstyle. 

I love the adjustable {and even removable} band on the bottom of the Bellissima. I have a small head and this allows me to get a snug fit so I never have to worry about the headband falling out. 

Speaking of "falling out", the Bellissima headband also has a Velcro strip on center of it. This helps the headband to stick in my hair without sliding around. I love that I can wear this with confidence and feel good about my look all the way through my busy days.

Isn't it cute? And it matches my hair perfectly! You can buy this in your shade for only $10!

Next from the Dancing With The Stars line, I tried out the Salsaloosa. This is a hair wrap that actually is worn around a pony tail to create a fun, textured up-do. What's really neat about this is that, although it's synthetic, it can be styled using a curling or flat iron to get the look you're going for. Now, for the sake of photos, I put it in "as is" but I'll share with you a trick I came up with when I wore this on a date with the hubster. 

Here is my puny pony. Yes, my hair is curly but it's not thick at all.

 I love the added volume that the Salsaloosa adds. So fun and funky, right? Here's how I switched it up for my date night. You see the long pieces hanging down? Before I put the wrap around my pony tail, I pulled those pieces through the middle of the wrap one time. This made them shorter and made the look a little more fitting for my taste. I did slick my hair back a bit better and tighter for a finished look that passed for "fresh from the salon" when really, it took me about 5 minutes. Even the hubster was amazed at how quickly I got ready that evening.

You can purchase the Salaloosa in your own shade for $15.00!

The final piece from the POP, Dancing With The Stars line is the Go!Go! Girl. This is a clip in extension piece that is very easy to use and can add length and/or volume. It's a 18" layered piece that makes it easier to blend with different hair lengths.

All I had to do was part my hair at the temple on either side of my head and go back to the crown of my head. I pinned this section to the top of my head {momentarily} and lightly teased the hair where the clips land to help hold them in a bit. 

After I clipped it in, I let my hair down over it and was happy to see that the hair piece was completely covered. The finished look of this is dramatically different from my every day look. 

Now, this is the hairpiece as it arrives but I'd like to take a curling iron to it and see how I can play with it a bit. If I can get the look to match "me" a bit more, I would totally wear it out. Yes, this synthetic piece is also curling/flat iron friendly. I love that I'm not stuck with a set look and I can make it truly fit me.

You can buy the Go!Go! Girl hairpiece in a color that suits you for $49.00!

The final piece I tried is the Hairdo Wrap Around Pony by Ken Paves. {Don't even get me started on Ken Paves. The man is pure genius and I wish I could afford to see him in the salon he has not 10 minutes from my home. *ahem*} This hair piece is really fun and really easy to use. I'm also happy to report that this, too, can be curled or straightened to create a custom look. 

Here's how it works. I styled my hair in a pony tail and pushed the comb down into the top of it. Then, I wrapped the hair piece around my pony tail, joining the Velcro pieces together to keep it even and neat.  

Finally, I grabbed that piece sticking out and wrapped it around the top. I pinned this piece into place by using the included bobby pins. Just like that, I was done with my style and fell in love with the finished look. I think it's cute and sassy at the same time.  

 Love. Love. Love.

You can buy the Hairdo Wrap Around Pony in your shade for $49.00!

The moral of the story is that it is possible to get different looks without going to extremes in your stylist's chair. I don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get extensions or pay to have my hair permanently straightened. I can be myself every day and use these items...and many more like them {available at Hair U Wear} to change up my look whenever the mood strikes me. The possibilities are seemingly endless and I hope to be able to share more with you.

A friend recently did her own review and I would love for you to read it. {Her results are different than mine}. Please head over HERE to see my follow-up.

 **Thanks to the PR Firm, on behalf of Hair U Wear, for supplying the complimentary, mentioned items to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any other way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the items being reviewed. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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