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Friday, April 1, 2011

Aloha Friday ~ Birthday Cakes!

Wooooooooooo! I made it to another Friday. Yee-haw! In recognition of the looooong week and my fatigue, I'm joining in with the easy question/answer meme hosted by Kailani at An Island Life. {You can too! Click the link for more details.}

Today, I'll be spending the whole day {with lots of breaks, mind you} making Alex's birthday cake. We're having a party for him tomorrow with family since his birthday is on the 4th. He is BEGGING for a John Deere/Big rock candy mountain cake. So, I'm diving into my creative genes and thinking of how I can accomplish this. I'll have to take photos so I can show you what I've come up with later.

My question for the day is: 
Have you ever wanted for yourself or been requested to create a themed birthday cake? {I feel all "cake boss" with my fondant.}

My Answer:
I had the coolest birthday cake for my 16th birthday and for my high school graduation. Then, of course, I had a gorgeous cake at my wedding. I'm BIG into birthdays, though, and last year I actually made Alex a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake by his own request {see below}. I'm excited to continue in the tradition of crazy cakes. ;)



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