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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun And Learning With Alphie! {review}

This year, Alex has been learning so much in preschool and I've been looking for ways to build on that at home. He really seems to enjoy learning as many details as he can about something whether it be a specific letter or a general concept. For me, it can get a bit tricky trying to think up new ways to keep him learning. 

Playskool now sells something that is just perfect for Alex and any other child who is at a preschool learning level. Alphie is a fun robot who knows a lot of songs and games to keep little ones learning. 

Alphie comes with 30, double-sided cards and this keeps Alex's play fresh and interesting every time he sits down to enjoy a game or two with Alphie. From music, to the alphabet, to numbers, to matching and more, Alphie makes the perfect learning buddy.

And this is the exact scene every time Alex wants to play with him. He pulls out every card, goes through them carefully, and selects one to play. Alex loves the positive feedback he gets from Alphie and that keeps him playing even more. {What child wouldn't want to hear how smart he/she is?}

And Eliana loves to watch Alex and Alphie play together. Obviously, she doesn't understand the ins and outs of playing with Alphie herself, but watching and listening is great for her. And I think it's good for Alex to understand that he's teaching Eliana while he's learning. 

This is something that Alex enjoys being 100% independent with. If he gets a question wrong, he never asks me for the answer. He keeps trying until he finds it himself and hears Alphie say something like "Smart, smart, smart, smart, smart, smart, smart!". And I can't help but be proud of him when I overhear him learning. 

I enjoy knowing that there are also booster packs available for Alphie to bring in even more ways for Alex to learn about letters, numbers, animals, music, and more. They retail for only $9.99 so it's very affordable and I'm confident that it would get a lot of use in my home. 

BUY IT: You can buy Alphie from Playskool for $39.99

**This is a Buddy Picks Review. Alex gives it 2 thumbs up!

**I received Alphie for this review from a PR firm in relation to Playskool. Beyond the review item, I received no compensation for this post. This is my opinion and other opinions may vary.



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