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Friday, April 22, 2011

House Blend ~ Good, Good Friday

You know that feeling of sweet reflection that comes when thinking of a loved one who has passed away? I've been feeling that a little bit today, but I've been feeling it with LOADS of hope sprinkled on top. The great miracle of Good Friday is that Easter Sunday follows right behind, promising new life and a second chance. It makes me so grateful "that God so loved the world...".

And although it's not very "Easter-y" of a tune, I love the theme of this and thought it is the perfect song to share.

You Cannot Lose My Love
By: Sara Groves

You will lose your baby teeth. 
At times, you'll lose your faith in me. 
You will lose a lot of things, 
But you cannot lose my love. 

You may lose your appetite, 
Your guiding sense of wrong and right. 
You may lose your will to fight, 
But you cannot lose my love. 

You will lose your confidence. 
In times of trial, your common sense. 
You may lose your innocence, 
But you cannot lose my love. 

Many things can be misplaced; 
Your very memories be erased. 
No matter what the time or space, 
You cannot lose my love. 
You cannot lose, 
You cannot lose, 
You cannot lose my love.

Have a blessed weekend and a Happy Easter!



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