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Monday, April 4, 2011

My Request Is Simple ~ A Space Of My Own

I have been growing weary of the time spent "working" on the couch or on the rocking chair...or lounging on my bed. Anyone who blogs and shares product/event/travel reviews knows how "stuff" can become a bit of an issue. And for me, stuff/paperwork + no set working space + nosy, hands-on kiddos = MOM NEEDS A WORK SPACE.


We have a very "humble space" we call a home.

Alright, alright...I'm grateful for this home and I will not allow myself to go to "grumble land".

The fact is, there are 4 of us in a 2 bedroom home. Plain and simple, we lack space and need all the organizing we can get.

I have a point.

I was browsing for solutions online and guess what I found...

image credit: Ana White
These are plans for a Pottery Barn inspired secretary/hutch. I don't want the hutch on the top. I just want the secretary desk and the base.

Can you say "Perfect!" ?

This would give me a place to work when I want to and then I can tuck it all away, and put the chair I was sitting in away too. And in the base? I can STORE things.


I'm seriously in love and I've asked the hubster to "Pu-Bu-WEASE" make this for me...

or I can just do it myself. {I'm stubborn like that}

At first thought, I pictured the finish of it to be something like this.

But then again, there is something SO divine about doing something creamy, like this:

Image Credit: Pottery Barn
And I think that's what I'll go with.

Now to get the hubster working on it...

*This is not a review or an advertorial. My life. My thoughts. My wishes. I just included links to give credit where credit is due.*



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