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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New From Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment: Play Date Packs {review}

My family has been a big fan of Thomas & Friends ever since Alex was just under 2 years old. He loves to learn about the characters and hear story after story.

This love of Thomas & Friends led us to love other shows created by Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment as we would see the previews at the beginning of our DVD's. Now, it seems we know of and have seen a bit of everything and we haven't been disappointed yet. 

Recently, these fun Play Date Pack sets were released and we were sent a couple for review. Each set has 3 DVD's in it and the packaging is very fun. I can't even tell you how excited Alex was to see these arrive and the packaging was a huge contributor to that. 

The Thomas & Friends Play Date Pack set includes:
  • Thomas and the Really Brave Engine
  • Thomas and the Jet Engine
  • On-Site with Thomas
Bonus Features include:
  • 4 Sing-Along Songs
  • Bonus DVD Game "Fun with Numbers"
  • Thomas Character Gallery
  • 7 Bonus DVD Games
  • 2 Read-Alongs
  • 2 DVD-Rom Games
Alex prefers to watch Thomas and the Really Brave Engines {I think he just likes the name} but it's fun to watch him carefully consider which show he wants to watch when he's given the opportunity to pick one. 

This set is perfect for children ages 2 to 5-ish. 

We were also sent the Barney Play Date Pack to review. Eliana loves the songs on these DVD's and Alex likes the preschool learning concepts that are shared {i.e. problem solving, shapes, colors, numbers, etc}. Barney is also great for supporting a child's imagination and I think that's a wonderful thing.

This DVD set includes:

  • Let's Pretend With Barney
  • Can You Sing That Song?
  • Come On Over To Barney's House
Bonus Features include:

  • Barney's Jukebox
  • Barney's "Loop De Loop" Counting Game
  • 2 Read-Alongs
  • Barney's Game Show "Can You Sing That Song?"
  • Behind the Scenes with the Dinos and the Cast
  • Barney's Gumdrop Games
  • Barney's Bonus Episode "Who's Your Neighbor"
  • Music Video - "The Barney Boogie"
  • Bonus Episode - Bob the Builder "Muck Gets Stuck"
  • DVD-Rom Fun
This set is perfect for children ages 1 to 5 years and I've watched both of my kiddos enjoy these. Of the 3 DVD's, Alex seems to prefer Come On Over To Barney's House but I think it's because he's interested about where Barney lives and what his life is like at home. {giggle} Eliana is not picky at all about which Alex chooses. She just wants to hear the music so she can dance.

We love having these in our home and I like the fact that they're both wonderful, age appropriate options for my little ones.

BUY IT: You can buy your own Play Date Pack for a suggested retail value of $19.98

**I received DVD Combo Packs for this review from a PR firm in relation to Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Beyond the review items, I received no compensation for this post. This is my opinion and other opinions may vary.



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