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Friday, May 6, 2011

Care To Make A Pledge?

Alex and I have signed up to do a walk-athon locally. This has nothing to do with PR anything. Instead, this is something important to us as a family. When I explained to Alex that we could help homeless children, he asked all kinds of questions to help him wrap his brain about the reality that some people don't have a life like ours. We're both so excited to be helping in whatever way we can...but we need your pledges to make our walk a success!

Here's our video:

Now, the website you visit to make a pledge is HERE. Remember to type in "Amy Clary" or "Alexander Clary" and our pages will be below the search box on the page. {scroll to the bottom.}

Our goal is $100 {$50 each} but we'd be thrilled to go over that if we could. 

We're doing this walk rain or shine. We're committed!

*again, this is not a PR push. We're doing this on our own and only thought it would be a good idea to ask you readers if you'd like to make a pledge. I'd be more than happy to keep you posted with our fundraising and the walk-athon itself when it's completed. Wish us luck!*



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