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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Glasses? I'm All In!

I received an email and I wanted to share it with you. TODAY, you can get free frames and lenses from Coastal Contacts. They're giving away 10,000 pair! I hopped over and bought some for myself, actually. {My total was $31.97}

Here's a few things to note:
  • You are responsible for shipping and handling
  • You can get coatings on your lenses but you have to pay for those{I bought the bundle of scratch resistant, UV protecting, and Glare resistant coats for $14.97}
  • Don't fall in love with frames that say coupons are not valid on them. Me? I fell for Fendi...ha ha coupons accepted on those. I did find a pair similar to those and I'm excited for them.
  • This deal is for FIRST TIME customers only.
Now, go "Like" Coastal Contacts on Facebook {click the banner above} and get your free glasses.

**No compensation was received for this post. A good deal is a good deal and I wanted to share this with you. Hurry up and get your coupon code.**



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