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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Great Outdoors {review}

On Tuesday, May 24th, Walt Disney Studios released Mickey's Great Outdoors on DVD. This comes with the Mickey Mote and a digital copy as well so little ones can interact and travel with their favorite Disney friends.

We received this DVD to review and my kiddos are crazy about it. Eliana likes to see Daisy and Minnie {her favorites} while Alex just likes to see the stories of Mickey and his friends in their outdoor adventures. There's a good variety of episodes on the DVD and Alex likes having a choice of which episode he would like to watch.

Here's the episode list:

All-New, Never-Before-Seen Bonus Episode:
 Mickey’s Fish Story - Daisy wants to find a fishy-friend for her goldfish Goldy – and we help her find other goldfish in the Jungle where we’re aided by the mysterious conga drummin’ Jungle-Pete!  Boom-boom-bap-boom!    Episodes From “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” TV Show:  Mickey’s Camp Out - Today Mickey and his friends are going to earn Clubhouse “Camp Out Badges” by completing two tasks - setting up camp and fishing for Gummy Fish.  Everyone’s planning to camp with a “Tent Buddy”, but Donald decides to camp by himself – and he soon learns that camping with friends is much more fun than camping by yourself.  Mickey and Minnie’s Jungle Safari - Minnie is determined to snap a photo of the rare Hula Hibiscus that only blooms once a year.  So the sensational gang go off on a jungle safari and explore new territory to find this legendary flower.    Daisy in the Sky - On Balloon Day, Daisy grabs a large batch of balloons and gets literally carried away along with Minnie and Pluto, who couldn’t hold her down. Mickey, Donald and Goofy kick into high gear to save their friends: they use a Giant Candy Cane (to rescue Pluto), a Party Horn (to warn animals out of the way), a Piggy Bank (to weigh down one side of an elevator so that Mickey can reach the top of the lighthouse), and a Toy Hammer (to fix the Ferris wheel).  Daisy’s Grasshopper - Daisy has a new pet grasshopper named Wilbur, but the playful hoppin’ fella hops away – and we help all our Clubhouse friends hop after him and find him before the end of the day.  Boing-boing! 

And if you're unfamiliar with the Mickey Mote, I wanted to make sure to share information on that for you too.

Disney’s Mickey Mote works with any Disney Preschool DVD that includes the Discovery Mode™ feature – an interactive “Watch & Play” feature on the DVD.  All parents have to do is program the remote control - there’s an easy and quick set-up guide in each DVD - and select the Discovery Mode feature on the menu screen.  Within minutes, kids will be easily able to respond to questions about scenes they just watched by pressing one of four color-coded buttons on the device -- a yellow star, green circle, orange triangle or blue square – to click in their responses.  Discovery Mode features include two levels of play, which provides more challenging questions as the child grows.  To date, there are more than 13 Disney Preschool DVD titles for parents to choose from that can be used with the remote control. 

Alex loves being able to interact with his DVD by answering questions as he watches. This turns a simple viewing into a game that keeps him on his toes and paying attention. Plus, he's totally independent with this. I only had to set up the Mickey Mote once and every time he wants to use it, he's all set to grab it. I just need to be sure to access the option from the DVD's menu when he wants it. 

And with the digital copy, you can download the DVD to your iPod, iPad, or whatever portable player you have so you can take this along on your road trips or vacations. I love this option so I can leave the DVD behind and grab my iPod for Alex to use on his own.  {Heads up! I don't think the Mickey Mote works this way.}

BUY IT: You can purchase Mickey's Great Outdoors with a Mikey Mote for $29.99 and without for $19.99.

I'll leave you with a couple clips to enjoy!

**This is a Buddy Picks review. Alex gives it 2 thumbs up**

**The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Others may have a different experience and may not agree with my opinion. Thanks to company or pr agent who supplied the product to review. I was able to keep the item{s} at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review.**



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