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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Prints and Styles For The Season From Vera Bradley {review}

Last fall, I was getting my family ready for a road trip and Vera Bradley rescued me with some items to make my packing a bit easier. That was my first experience with this brand and I've fallen head over heels for it since. 

This season, Vera Bradley has introduced new styles of accessories and even a few new prints. For review, I chose the new Sophie handbag in Lemon Parfait. I love the colors of this bag!

Now, it may look like a "small" handbag at first glance. {That's certainly what I thought when it first arrived here.} However, the pockets inside and out help to keep things organized enough to leave plenty of room for everything I need.

The bag's dimensions are 9" x 5¾" x 3½" with 9" strap drop.

This picture shows two of the four interior pockets. There are two on either side of the interior. Personally, I have one pocket dedicated to holding my phone, one for holding business cards, one for holding my lip balm, lip gloss, and lip stick. In the main portion of the purse, I can fit my wallet, a check book {should I need it}, pens, my keys, and room to spare. 

I currently don't use the exterior pockets very often. These have more room than you would think, though. If you like to use it to hold a phone, it will fit securely inside. Other options are things like change, pacifiers, cough drops, or any other small item you would like handy.

 Vera Bradley handbags are extremely well made and the fabrics available for the purse styles offer something for everyone. I love the fact that I can throw this purse in the laundry if something spills in or on it...or even if I just feel like washing it. I have no worries about it snagging or tearing. I'm confident that this handbag can keep up with me and my busy lifestyle without showing any signs of exhaustion.

Again, I love the colors in the Lemon Parfait print. It's something that screams "sunshine" and "fun" while still looking chic and classy. If these colors aren't your thing, visit the Vera Bradley website and see what other colors are available for the Sophie bag. 

And while you're there, look over the other new items introduced in Vera Bradley's line. 

BUY IT: You can buy the Sophie bag from Vera Bradley for $42.

**The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.Others may have a different experience and may not agree with my opinion. Thanks to Vera Bradley for the product to review. I was able to keep the item at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review.**



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