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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Changes Everything

I could start this post about one million different ways. There has been A LOT going on over here in the past week...and we're just getting started.

Can you see the connection between this picture

and this one?


It began last Friday with this

and suddenly, my world was turning upside down. This was not on our radar. This wasn't even on a list of possibilities for us right now.

Don't misunderstand. We're SO excited for this new and precious gift. We just feel incredibly motivated to change things in order to prepare...and make room for...this 3rd child.

It's all so overwhelming...chats about moving and where to, replacing the newborn items we've either sold or given away, realizing every part of our summer plans are now a little different due to the growing babe inside me, considering who will share a room with who, and so on. It may sound like a simple list but it's far from simple. Each mentioned item has a bullet list beneath it and each part is just as important as the next.

My mind is reeling and I try all day long to keep my shoulders from getting tense.

I'm excited and baffled by this news. I'm in love with the idea of being a mommy again...and the hubster being a daddy for the third time. And as hard as it is, I'm trusting God's plan for all of us. I constantly remind myself that none of our "news" surprises Him.

The hubster and I are on a plan to just focus on the step that's in front of us. If we try to solve everything in one conversation, we'll drive ourselves crazy. {Mostly because there are so many answers we don't yet have.}

It's just a little ironic...I had no idea about my pregnancy when I wrote this post about being a mom. Just like I had no idea that I was pregnant when Alex asked me two weeks ago, "Are you going to have another baby?".

Alex's question was followed up by this statement and it has me a little concerned... "If you're going to have another baby, you should just have 2 next time".

Do you think he's THAT insightful? *giggles*

And so begins our journey. One prayerful step at a time, we'll find a way to make the perfect home for our family's needs. Yes. This news certainly changes everything...January 18th feels really close all of a sudden.



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