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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Was I So Worried About?

So, I went to my first, prenatal check-up this afternoon. I was happy to hear everything looked and sounded perfect.

I was relieved to see just one, precious babe on the ultrasound monitor.

But I fell in love with my baby when I heard the heartbeat and saw his/her little self dancing. I couldn't get over how something so tiny could move it's arms and legs around as if trying to say "Hi, Mom".

Goodness, I love this child. Even when I'm not feeling great, I know that there's a life inside me who is growing every day. I remember how amazing it's going to be to experience another pregnancy with all the changes and stages. And I tear up when I remember the moments my 2 children were born and placed on my chest.

I get to do all of this again.

Days may get a little busier. Nights may get blurred into days and back again. But this new life is my gift.

And for this gift I say, "Thank you, God. I'm beyond humbled by and ecstatic for this 3rd child".



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