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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Project Down, Many More To Go

The past couple days I've been working on just one of the projects I want to get done for our little home makeover. This first one was a doozy, though.


I was thinking of changing the look of our home a while back and really wanted to update the color as well as find a neat pattern to paint on the entry hall. Enter Pinterest and a world of great ideas. I finally landed on one of them.

Here was the inspiration for the project. {I pinned it on Pinterest if you follow me}

The original tutorial was found HERE and I actually liked the smaller stencil for our *ahem* smaller scaled home.

I started by drawing out the pattern on the wall. Boy, oh, boy was that a tedious job but I was excited when that was done because I could begin painting!

I had only gotten a small portion of the way when I had to update Twitter and Facebook with this photo. I was really liking what I was seeing. Unfortunately, I exhausted myself and wasn't able to finish this project in one day {I had just reorganized the kiddos' closet before starting this} and had to return the next day after my OB appointment while I had someone to care for my littles.

I painted and painted until I was through and here is the final product. {I used the cardboard stencil I cut out on the wall and the paper one for the ends sides and bottom of the wall.}

Sorry for the poor lighting as this picture was taken with my phone but you can see enough of it to know what it looks like.

The walls are painted with Olympic Paint's "Thin Ice" but I had it matched by Valspar {I hope that makes sense}. Then, I just put some of that in a cup with a bit of white and mixed it together for the stencil color. It gives a nice contrast without being too harsh.

Do you like it?

More projects to come!



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