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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-01 ~ I Will Never Forget

I was on my way home from seeing the boy I cared for off to school. On the radio, Howard Stern and Robin talked about how it looked like one of the twin towers was on fire. They went back and forth about it and then learned that it was, in fact, on fire and something wasn't right.

When I arrived home, I turned on the news and watched the second plane hit the second tower. My heart sunk and my hands grabbed my head in disbelief.

Shortly after that, someone reporting from inside the Pentagon began to see and feel the building violently shake after a loud explosion. My heart was filled with fear.

What is happening?

I will never forget what I saw,

what I heard,

what I felt,

wondering what those who were in the areas of these crashes must have been thinking and feeling,

calling my mom at work and crying; begging the question, "What is happening? I'm so scared! When are you coming home?",

calling my *then* boyfriend who was on the other side of the state by a huge base for the Air Force and asking, "Are you OK? I don't understand this. I wish you were home...".

I will never forget the bravery of men and women who risked their lives to save others or the ones who are working to protect us even today. I will never forget how the country joined hands and did whatever they could to right this unimaginable wrong. I will never forget the prayers said that day and the ones still being prayed today...

God Bless America,
Land That I Love
Stand Beside Her
And Guide Her
Through the Night With YOUR Light From Above

From the Mountains
To the Prairies
To the Oceans White With Foam

God Bless America,
My Home Sweet Home



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