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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#PeetsCoffee is What's Brewin'

As I'm sure you can guess with all the "Coffee" references on my blog, I'm a coffee lover. Although, I wouldn't consider myself to be a coffee snob at all. I just love coffee and I think it loves me right back.

However, I'm sure you're well aware of the ruts one can get stuck in when purchasing something like coffee. For us, we always purchase the same brand at the grocery store because it's inexpensive but it's not cheap enough to taste gross. Have you been there?

Collective Bias {thank goodness} asked me to shop for something new and different and share with you what I think about it. The brand of coffee I'm currently drinking as a part of this opportunity is Peet's Coffee. Are you familiar at all with this brand?

Well, I had never heard of Peet's Coffee and there's literally only one store in the area where I can buy it. Usually, we visit this store for produce. But I'm pretty sure we're going to have to visit for produce and coffee after this taste test.

I was sent to buy some Medium Roast Coffee as this is the newest addition to the Peet's Coffee line-up. As you'll see in my thisMoment story, I couldn't find any in my one, local store and decided to try a different blend. Believe me, the coffee I bought is good and I can only imagine that their new flavors are just as rich and full tasting in nature.

Now, being that I'm pregnant, I only have one cup of coffee a day {my doctor says I'm OK to do that}, but when I'm not pregnant, I enjoy a cup in the morning AND a cup in the afternoon. I just like that mid-day pick-me-up. I normally use ground coffee brewed in my Keurig and I always use flavored cream in my coffee. How do you take yours?

For this review though, I decided to buy whole bean coffee and grind it. I thought it would give me the truest flavor and I thought I could better form my opinion that way. {By the way, the smell of freshly ground coffee is enough to make me smile in the morning. I love that smell!}

Bottom line, my coffee {Garuda Blend} is quite tasty and I'm intending on savoring every last drop of it. That is, until I make the trip out to the store to purchase more.

Why don't you look over my thisMoment story and find out more about my shopping experience? There's a coupon in there!

Disclaimer* This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Others may not agree or have a different experience.



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