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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My DIY Window~Frame

Back in August, I found this dirty, old window at a yard sale. I about fell over when I saw it. I just loved its character and the old hardware on it. And since the seller had A LOT of old things like this, I was afraid to ask how much she wanted for them. 
"Oh....$8 for both?" she said.
"OK!" I replied with a big smile on my face.
You can't really tell in the picture, but I knew that I could fit a 5x7 photo on each pane of glass and couldn't believe I had just found a frame for 6 5x7 photos at only $8.

Right before I broke my foot, I got to work on cleaning the window up a tad and turning it into a frame. Believe me. It was filthy. {You can probably see that in the photo above}. But a little elbow grease helped me spruce it up. 

Then I had to choose photos to put on the glass. 

I decided to do photos of my little ones but I refused to print up color photos or even to use photo paper. Since my window is old, I wanted to match the look and character of it with my photos. I used ivory colored card stock paper and printed the photos in black and white on that. This resulted in a grainy look, matching the window perfectly.

Then, I cut the photos out and grabbed my double-sided tape.

And here is what my window~frame looked like before getting it up on the wall.

Yes, the window is huge and heavy...VERY the hubster and I collaborated on how we were going to get this baby up on the wall.

The hubster decided to try something simple first and it worked out perfectly. He screwed in two eye hooks on the top of either side of each window and threaded wire through them. Then he just used a 50 pound frame hanger for each window and put them up! Simple dimple. Everything he needed to hang them we had right here at home.

Here's our $8 frame!

This hangs in our living room, right over our book shelf. I love the warmth it's added to the space...

and the way my family is reflected in that warmth.

Have you added anything old/new to your space lately?



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