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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Christmas Story: The Musical! {review}

 A Christmas Story: The Musical! was a play full of laughter and the Christmas spirit. I attended opening night of this production last night and was wowed from beginning to end.

© 2011 Carol Rosegg

My evening began by meeting Ralphie {Gene Weygandt}, who had grown up to be a story teller on a radio station. He chose to tell the story of a memorable Christmas of his childhood. If you're at all familiar with the movie, you know, like I knew, the story that was about to be told.

Ah, yes, the story of a boy who only wanted one thing for Christmas and knew that he was going to have to try awfully hard to convince his parents to buy it for him.

© 2011 Carol Rosegg
Speaking of young Ralphie, Clarke Hallum was more than amazing in his starring role. He's got it all and then some, from song and dance to comedic timing. From where I was sitting, I could see the stars in his eyes.

This musical is packed with catchy songs that sent me away singing and laughing to myself as I remembered the scene on stage that played out as the song was sung.

My favorite song of the evening was A Major Award sung by John Bolton {The Old Man} and cast. I don't know exactly how to explain it except to say it was hilarious and included a kick line of leg lamps. 
© 2011 Carol Rosegg
 Even with all the laughter, The Mother {Rachel Bay Jones}, brought tears to my eyes as she began to sing about the moments of motherhood that pass by so quickly. Even with all the wild adventures the family endured, the Christmas Spirit shone through in the warm, together times the family shared.

Put this play on your calendar and get your tickets today! A Christmas Story: The Musical! will be at Detroit's, Fisher Theatre from November 15-27.

**I was invited to Press Night at the theater to review this show and have been given 2 complimentary passes. I've received no other compensation for posting this review. I just want you to know more about it so you can go and enjoy it while it's in town. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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