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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shop At Red Envelope This Gifting Season! {review}

If you're looking for a unique gift for those on your shopping list, head over to Red Envelope for plenty of ideas! I was just sent there myself to choose items for myself or family members and had a heck of a time making up my mind because there were so many things I loved. 

Take a minute and check out their Christmas Gifts page to get just a glimpse at their selection. You can look right now. It's OK. I'll wait. 

I ended up choosing something for the hubster and something for the baby on the way. And while I didn't make my selection from their Christmas Gifts page, there were plenty of things I was tempted by. {Unfortunately, everything I loved was personalized and I had to buy something that could be shipped overnight.}

So, for the hubster, I chose the Deluxe Coin Sorter Valet. We spend cash for things like groceries, gas, and clothing which leaves us with a lot of pocket change. Well, rather than tote all of that change around, we keep the change in a can and roll it to put it back in the bank for savings. 

 This lovely coin sorter is not only a better way for us to organize and roll our change, it's also very handsome and had storage in it for anything else the hubster wants it to hold.

 The top drawer pulls out to reveal the different tubes where the coins are sorted and the bottom drawer is where the hubster can keep the coin wrappers and other things like a watch, spare keys, etc.

To make it work, just put coins in the top of the sorter, push the button to turn it on {requires 2 C batteries}, and watch the sorter work its magic. It truly makes life a lot easier and is well worth the  $29.99 price tag if you know someone who saves change like we do.

And for the baby on the way, I found the Sleep Sheep On The Go. I've always been intrigued by the original Sleep Sheep but I loved the portability of this for the baby.

 The Sleep Sheep on the Go is very soft and plush. It just looks like a good dream, doesn't it?

Here's the big thing that separates the "on the go" version from its original. There is an adjustable, Velcro hook on the back that makes this little guy easy to attach to the car seat, stroller, bassinet, swing, or anywhere else I may need it. I love a baby item that easily can go everywhere with me.

On the side of the sheep, there are 4 different sound settings {stream, showers, ocean waves, & whale songs}, a switch to set the minutes, & a dial on the bottom to turn it on and set its volume. 

As of right now, this Sleep Sheep on the Go is strapped to the diaper bag packed for the hospital and just waiting to help me sooth my little one on the car ride home. 

These items are truly beautiful in person. I'm so happy with my choices and shopping experience at Red Envelope. Give them a visit if you're looking for wonderful gift and/or home accessory ideas. 

 **Thanks to the company or pr agency, who supplied the items to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**



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