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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My International Delight #IcedCoffee Taste Teaser #CBias

If a delicious box full of ice cold coffee arrived at your door, what would your response be?

Me? I was pretty excited to crack into it and try these new flavors before they hit the grocery stores on January 15th. {Mark your calendars, fellow coffee lovers!}

Prior to this review, I was already a big fan of International Delight. I use their flavored coffee cream on a regular basis and always look forward to their seasonal flavors. {Peppermint Mocha, anyone?} This brand has always been at the top of my shopping list. Now I have a new item to add to my grocery basket.

To be honest, I usually enjoy my cup of hot coffee in the morning. It's just comforting to me in a way. But, as I reach the middle of my day and crave that second cup of coffee, I can really go for anything. International Delight Iced Coffee is perfect for me. As a mom of 3, I need to be quick with whatever I grab for myself. I'm not sure what could be easier than filling a glass with ice and pouring this delicious coffee over it.

 International Delight's Iced Coffee will be available in three flavors; Mocha, Vanilla, and Original. I've tried each flavor and prefer Mocha the most. I can never turn down chocolate, you know. After that, I like Original and then Vanilla.

I've also had my husband and mom {fellow coffee lovers} try some. My mom also enjoyed the Mocha and the hubster said he prefers the Original flavor.

 You should see how big my smile is to have a refrigerator door full of Iced Coffee greet me every day.

 And in case you're wondering what makes International Delight Iced Coffee so "Sweet & Creamy", you may be pleased to know it's all the natural ingredients. The 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, real cream, milk, and cocoa make it just as good and fresh as a coffee house drink. My only problem is that I drink a glass of it way too fast. ;)


Can you blame me? I know it looks delicious and I can promise you it tastes way better than you would imagine. There's no way you can think "store bought iced coffee" on this one. All natural ingredients make it a heavenly drink you can enjoy whenever you like while helping you keep some of that "coffee house money" in your wallet.

Here's to the 15th of January!

**This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions and images are my own. Other's may have a different experience or opinion.**



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