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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keep On Hunting!

Last weekend we put in an offer on a house and was I excited. This house was a bungalow in a great neighborhood. It had a partially finished basement and just needed a little paint here or there...or so we thought.

Right after we put in our offer, our agent let us know someone else had made an offer as well and told us we were to offer our "highest and best" bid by Monday. We were pretty comfortable with our offer but agreed we would go up a bit if our agent found out info about the other bid pending.

And just when we were about to raise our bid...

our agent contacted us to tell us he found out some info on the house.

The house is missing plumbing.


Now, I didn't mention that this home came with a small list of repairs that needed to be made to bring it up to code and we had already agreed to take responsibility for those before moving in. So when we heard that there was more than we even knew about, we immediately put on the brakes.

The hubster was disappointed but we both agreed that we needed to walk away from this house and keep on looking until we find the perfect one. The house doesn't have to be "perfect", but we'd rather deal with small repairs and cosmetic things over plumbing...that could have been original to a 1940's home.

So, we will keep on hunting.

Wish us luck!

P.S. The hubster totally made the mistake of telling me about a farm house he found. {He calls it a shack.} We've added it to the list of homes we'd like to walk through next. :)



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