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Friday, March 16, 2012

Timing Is Everything...And EVERYTHING

In our very early stages of house hunting, I saw a house pop up that grabbed my interest and refused to let go. We called our agent and he squeezed it in for us to see at the end of our time with him. It was everything I thought I wanted.

No, really.

I thought I wanted this house.

While we were out with our agent, we went to see a home that was perfect, save for a few cosmetic issues {shag carpet, anyone?}. The deal breaker for this one was that it was a short sale. We really don't have time to get involved in a short sale right now as we're preparing for a new venture.

{I still haven't shared that with you, have I?} tee hee


Blah, blah, blah, 2 other homes with obvious foundation issues, blah blah

and we've reached THE house.

As the hubster and I looked around this home, my heart flew out of my chest and just kept going until the rose colored glasses took over and I found myself wanting this house.So.Bad.

It was a Victorian home with a stunning, updated kitchen. It had a full basement, TONS of storage, and untapped space that made my DIY and decorating senses tingle.

*sigh* And I was sold. And it HAD to be mine. And I told the hubster so. And it had water in the basement. And it was obvious that a homeless person was sleeping in the yard and on the closed in porch.


Really? was all going to be OK because I WANTED this house.

Well, hubs wanted to be sure the foundation was OK and that the water was due to a missing window and nothing more so my dad and I were going to return to the home the next day before putting in an offer.

I packed up the kiddos to head to my parent's home the next day and got a phone call when I was halfway there. The bank just approved another offer on the house...MY HOUSE...{pouty face}. I learned a hard lesson that day on how fast the market moves and I swore I wouldn't let that happen to me again.


After I composed myself and actually began to believe the thoughts of "This just wasn't meant for me", I began to recognize where I went wrong. I ignored the things that made me hesitate on the house because my desire to own the home had taken over. When I was realizing the things I let go, I was shocked at myself and really gave myself a hard time about it.

The truth is, I saw a dead mouse in the garbage can pull out in the kitchen and didn't say anything because "oh, that's probably nothing". I also saw dead bugs upstairs that looked like...but I wasn't sure...bedbugs. 

"How did those dead beetles get here?"

And would you believe I was totally willing to laugh off a wet sleeping bag and an empty bottle of gin in the yard?


When my brain became sober, I was all..."WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!" and I was so grateful that someone else bought that house.

We'll be looking at homes again soon.

I vow to NEVER get all hung up on the dream of a house again. I want something that's perfect and safe for my whole family. I tend to believe that when we find the home that's perfect for all of us, I'll be happy with it too and I'll WANT it...just like that...only not so irrational-like. :)



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