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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Smiles-Centered Easter Baskets {review}

I just love holidays, like Easter, that give me an opportunity to buy fun things for my kiddos. I'm a gift-giver and always look for ways to personalize gifts and tailor them to my children's specific interests. On Easter, I like watching the kids run around the house looking for hidden Easter eggs and opening Easter gifts. These traditions mean so much to me as these are days I don't get to do-over, I only get to enjoy them again next year...and my "little ones" won't be as little then. 

The other day, I took Alex with me to Walmart to gather items for Easter baskets. Our main goal was to find a Nickelodeon themed Colgate toothbrush for the kiddos and make them Easter baskets to encourage healthy #EasterSmiles.

Right at the store's entry, we found this pallet of Colgate oral health items. It was packed with Nickelodeon characters like Spongebob Squarepants, Dora, and Diego on items like toothpaste and toothbrushes. Alex was very excited and wanted to pick out his toothbrush right away. After selecting Spongebob for himself, he chose a Dora toothbrush for his little sister in her favorite color of pink. 

We shopped around the store and finished selecting items for Easter Baskets. I tried to steer clear of sweets and looked more for things that my kiddos would enjoy playing with. Really, my goal was to stock up on items that promote smiles in my home. Instilling healthy oral care habits and limiting the candy is a great way to do that. {Don't you think?}

I spent just over $50 and was able to get great items for all three of my kiddos. I'll be honest and say that I felt really good spending that money on items they'll enjoy using rather than spending it all on candy. I think this is a wonderful idea and I fully intend to stick with this in the future.

If you'd like to see more about my shopping experience with Colgate and Walmart, see my Google+ album.

For Mikayla, I grabbed this adorable "Easter chick" onesie and headbands. Every baby needs a "baby's first" outfit and this was a steal at only $3.25 for the onesie and just under  $3 for the pair of headbands. 

Alex and Eliana both received a new toothbrush and small toys that fit their unique tastes. 
Alex really loved the Spiderman bucket he found. He really enjoys a good superhero and has been running around our home acting like he's Spiderman since he found this. He also found a Fisher-Price Batman toy, a cute puzzle and wind-up bunny toy, a Nascar toy filled with candy, and {his favorite} a Spongebob Colgate battery-powered toothbrush.

 Would you like to hear something wonderful about Alex's Easter items? He's been begging me to use his toothbrush since we bought it. I put all his items aside for Easter morning but I just know that he's going to want to use his new toothbrush right away. Also, his toothbrush matches his toothpaste that he currently uses every day. It's true. We're big Colgate fans in this house and Alex loves picking out his favorite toothpaste and toothbrush.

Eliana's bucket has all of her favorite things in it. It's filled with Disney Princesses and the color pink. Her favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty and I was excited to find items in Walmart featuring that princess. Also, we found an adorable set of hairclips for her with bright colors perfect for the Spring and Summer.

Making our way around Walmart to fill our buckets for Easter was easy as they have something for everyone. Also, being able to find items for my kiddos to enjoy that aren't strictly candy makes me feel great as a mom. I know these baskets will bring many smiles to my kiddos and their Colgate toothbrush will keep those smiles healthy while making oral health fun for them.

What are your traditions? Do you make Easter baskets for your family? How would you incorporate a Colgate toothbrush into your gifts?

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