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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Art Of Love And Respect

I've been taking a class at my church on Wednesdays that is based on the book {and workbook} Love And Respect {author: Eggerichs} . In this class, I'm not just learning information, I'm learning a different way to think, act, and behave.

Here's the part where I'm supposed to tell you that I'm learning all about how to show my husband respect and it's going just swimmingly well. I tell him nice things, he brings me flowers. I learn to button my lips and he takes me shopping for shoes.
Can you hear the sarcasm?

That's because nothing comes that easy. No, friends. This is work.

But it's worth it.

As I'm learning what it means to respect my husband, and I mean really respect him, I'm learning...well...a lot of things. There are some secret "man-code" things I'm learning that help me approach him the right way or respond to him in a way that shows him love. But beyond the light-hearted things, I'm learning that my words can be venomous. {Oh, how venomous my words have been.} I'm also learning that...well...I can be pretty spoiled. And while it is so wonderful of the hubster to be so good to me, I need to not come to rely on that. Finally, I'm learning the art of shutting my mouth and turning the other cheek. As in, I'm learning to not participate in conversations that can turn ugly and not return "an eye for an eye" with him.

If I can be blunt, I've never lacked love from my husband but he has lacked respect from me. Sure, there have been times when I felt he was unloving but I've never felt unloved. This truth reaches into the core of me and causes me to change...To do better...To be better...To give him all I have.

He's worth all of this and more.

Have you learned a powerful truth like this in your own relationship?



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