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Monday, July 9, 2012

Curious About Cloth Diapers?

I'm on baby number three and I've {finally} had it up to *here* with diaper expenses. It's pretty crazy the amount of money we spend on disposable diapers in this house and I want to make cuts in spending any way I can. {I'm sure that money would be better used somewhere else.}

Well, I don't know anything about using cloth diapers so I was extremely overwhelmed when I began to research them on Google. Suddenly I had to decide if I wanted sized diapers or one size fits all, snaps or velcro, all in one, all in two, pre-folds, PUL....flannel, fleece, terry, bamboo, or hemp...   I mean, really. Who knew it could be so complicated?

Luckily, all the options became a beautiful thing and I learned that an AIO {all in one} OS {one size} diaper would probably give us the easiest transition to reusable diapers from disposables. Since I had that BIG part of the selection figured out, I then had to investigate the styles of the AIO OS diapers. Every brand approaches this differently. Aye-yi-yi, right?

Being a review blogger, I decided to approach this arena in true, reviewer form. I don't know anything about any brand or style and I'm a hands-on learner. I've turned to the brands and asked them for help in learning about what they offer so I can share all the details with you...and figure out what I prefer at the very same time.

I have a few different brands I'm trying out right now and I'll be posting the reviews soon! In the meantime, you can share with me your cloth diaper expertise or inexperienced questions in the comments below. :)



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