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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Zooligans Fashion For Little Feet {review & giveaway}

Did you happen to see Zooligans added to the top 10 favorites in Parents Magazine? If you did, you were probably thinking something close to what I was thinking when I was sent images of these shoes, "Oh, how sweet are those!?! My kids would just love them."

I had taken a few surveys while this brand was adding their finishing touches to the Zooligans line and I loved them more and more as I started to get "sneak peek" images in my email.

Now that the brand has launched, I had an opportunity to try them out with my 2 year old, Eliana, and offer a pair for giveaway as well!

When I was given the green light to choose a pair of shoes for review, I sat down with Eliana for a little online shopping. I think she chose three different kinds to begin with but when I tried to talk her into the Koala Bear shoes, she decided on the Fuzz The Kitty style instead. Can you blame her? They're pink, adorable, and even have straps that look like studded collars. 

Between the time the shoes were ordered and the time they arrived, Eliana must have forgotten about the shoes she picked out with me that day. When she opened the box, she gasped and said "Dose {those} shoes are for ME?". It took only seconds before she took them out to try on. After which, she wore them all over the house for the rest of the morning.

The inside of the shoes are an adorable, leopard print and all the leather used to make up the shoes is buttery soft. I also appreciate how the Velcro is placed just at the end of the strap rather than all the way across. My daughter has very sensitive skin and this prevents the uncomfortable rub of Velcro on her skin, creating a rash or irritation.

Eliana and I both love the paws on these shoes. These are seriously cute but what's even cuter is when I comment on her "paws" and she starts to dance like a little tap dancer. Beyond cuteness, the shoes have wonderful flexibility while offering good support when Eliana's wearing them.

Here's Eliana in her shoes! {Please don't mind the princess tattoos on her legs. She earned those while potty training.}

Now, if the shoes weren't fun enough on their own, the box they come in takes it to the next level. On the box are instructions to turn it into a pet carrier. Eliana happily tucked in her new kitties until she was ready to wear them again. I could certainly see the attention to detail here on the brand's end and I was very impressed.

Ready to find Zooligans for the little guy/gal in your life? Zooligans are sold on ShoeBuy and Amazon for about $46

**Thanks to Zooligans who supplied the items to facilitate this review & giveaway. I wasn't compensated in any way for this post. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the items mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.** 



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