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Monday, September 17, 2012

What's Different About Swaddlebees Cloth Diapers? {review}

Just when I thought I knew what I would want in a cloth diaper {i.e. fleece lining, pocket diaper, etc.}, I was introduced to a brand that made their diapers different from what I had grown used to. And do you know, this diaper makes me want to own more like it.

I was recently sent the Swaddlebees One Size Simplex Cloth Diaper for review and I just had to choose the Owls print. When you see the photos, you'll understand why....too stinkin' cute. But upon receiving the diaper and getting past the "Oh, look how CUTE" of the diaper's exterior, I opened it up to find no fleece lining...or was there...?

The One Size Simplex diaper is lined with 100% cotton. It has an opening on each end of the diaper so that I can add inserts/doublers and they'll come out on their own in the wash. In addition, the diaper has its own doubler attached at just one end of the diaper. This can be folded under the cotton lining or it can be pulled out and laid across the top of the lining to expose a  stay-dry, microfleece layer to make the diaper soft and help baby feel dry. Now owners can have their preference of lining just by folding the doubler inside or on top!

I tuck the doubler in, preferring the cotton lining, and when I wash the diaper it comes out on its own The diaper is easily cleaned and dries faster this way. Yes, this is a diaper that goes right into the washer and the dryer. I love the ease of use here.

As I've said in the past, the beauty of a one size diaper is that I can get a custom fit for Mikayla as she grows without having to buy additional diapers and leave behind diapers she's outgrown. It's much more cost effective in the long run, in my opinion.

I highly recommend this brand and type of diaper to anyone, whether you've used cloth diapers forever or you're just starting out. This one is so easy to use, wash, and dry and I haven't had a single leak in the couple of weeks I've been using it. {Remember, cloth diapers are just like disposables in the way that they should be changed often. If a baby sits in the diaper too long, the diaper will fail.}

Here are some photos so you can see the diaper and how it fits.

Stop by Swaddlebees to see their other adorable colors/designs and buy some while you're there. You can get the One Size Simplex diaper for $25.95.

**Thanks to the company or pr agency, who supplied the item to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**  



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