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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#WinYourWay To Great Prizes! {sponsored}

I'm all for earning points for purchases and that's why I've been a member with ShopYourWay for over a year now. I've even been able to turn in points for free products! Something new was added recently that made my rewards even more...rewarding. 

ShopYourWay has a new portal available on their site where subscribers can enter to win rewards. Now, these rewards can be more points or they can be actual items. Check it out.

On the main page of the Win Your Way portal, subscribers can see all the sweepstakes running. There are A LOT of them so you may want to narrow it down to key prizes that you're interested in to start. I've entered sweepstakes for more points and found it very easy to do. There are specific instructions per contest that need to be followed for the entry to count, but my experience in entering has been that it's very simple to do as their system guides me along through the steps until my entry is complete. 

Say you're not interested in points to use toward products. You can narrow down your search for something like a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort. And yes, I did enter this one myself so I'll be giving you some competition but wouldn't that be a great "win" for your family? We'd be crazy excited in my house. 

Perhaps you're interested in Lands' End Outerwear. You can enter a sweepstakes to win outerwear for a family of four! This would be just perfect to win just before the winter decides to set in and stick around for a while.

These are just 2 of the many, wonderful prizes available on Win Your Way. I also saw a camera, jewelry, Craftsman tools...I could go on... My recommendation would be that you get your free ShopYourWay membership and look on the sidebar for the "Sweepstakes" App so you can see all the wonderful possibilities for yourself.

Good luck and happy entering!

No purchase necessary. See Win Your Way for details.

**This is a sponsored post with, I am a Win Your Way blogger, though all opinions are
my own.**



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