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Monday, April 22, 2013

All For A Purpose

Unique. One of Kind. Treasured and Priceless.

There is no one else in all of creation made like you.

Just as snowflakes fall individually from the heavy, winter clouds, each designed different from its neighbor, so are we.

Etched intricately

Woven Beautifully

Loved by the designer

Pick your chin up, Princess, and look into the heart of your maker.

Those snowflakes fall for a greater, unified purpose. Likewise, we are designed to be unique from each other but working toward the same goal.

The snow's purpose is to blanket the earth, bringing rest until Spring. Our purpose is to go to the ends of the earth, covering it with the message of new life.

The snowflake falls on its own and lands where it will. You and I are created separately and have our own unique talents and personalities to share.

So when you see the opportunities coming her way and not yours
When it looks like everything is working out perfectly for her as you are caught up with struggle
When you're sure you've been forgotten or afraid you'll be picked last

Don't doubt who you are for a moment. 
Don't doubt His plan.
Cast off the lies that have you bound

and BE

God will fulfill His purpose for you and will send out His steadfast love and faithfulness. {Psalm 57:2 & 3b}

You are chosen.

Each day given is another reminder that He still picks you.

It may not look like hers even if you have everything in common with her. It may not run on the same timeline as hers. It may be different altogether because you are made different...altogether, different than she is. 

You beautiful daughter, hold on to hope before you cling to doubt. He isn't done with you. He wants to lead you. And as you walk along, hand-in-hand with Him, let Him whisper to you the story of how He made you on purpose and for a purpose. 

Unique. One of Kind. Treasured and Priceless.


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