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Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 Low Impact Exercises to Help You Keep in Shape {Sponsored}

**This is a sponsored post.. I was compensated for sharing my blog space with the author for this post. The views shared are not necessarily my own.**

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Exercise is a vital element when it comes to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle, but for some it can be a challenge to find a workout that doesn’t cause pain, stress or damage, especially for those who suffer from injuries, joint weakness, joint pain, and other physical hindrances. Here are 5 great exercises that are low impact, high reward.


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on balancing physical and mental wellbeing. It has an emphasis on deep and controlled breathing techniques, stretching, building core strength and includes elements of meditation and relaxation. It’s a low impact method of exercise which you can pursue at your own pace and make it as challenging or relaxed as suits your body. You can follow along with instructional videos at home, take classes, or enlist the help of a private instructor.


Water-based exercises like swimming or water aerobics are the perfect low-impact fitness activities. They don’t require any contact with the ground and greatly reduce the stress on joints and muscles as your body’s natural flotation work against having to support your own weight. You can tailor a water-based workout to your own fitness, abilities and preferences. You can choose to swim laps at your own speed and style, join up with a water aerobics group, or even try your hand in a synchronised swimming team. All these activities are great for cardio and muscular development, and are perfect if you’ve trying to build strength after injury.


With bike shops in Perth (and in fact, all over the country) experiencing a growth in clientele, it’s clear that Aussies are catching on to the many benefits of cycling for both fitness and transportation. Cycling is an ideal low-impact sport for a variety of reasons. It’s easy on joints while providing an intense cardio workout and effectively building muscle. It’s also highly enjoyable as a method of getting outdoors and experiencing nature from on top of two wheels. It can be used as a method of transportation that’s cheap, healthy, and good for the environment. It’s also a versatile sport with lots of different ways to enjoy it – you can cycle for fun, for endurance, for speed, for competition, or even as a social sport with riding groups constantly popping up in communities all over Australia.


Walking is the anywhere, anytime, anybody, any reason exercise. You can walk for transport, walk for sightseeing, walk through nature, walk for down-time, walk with music, power-walk, walk the dog, walk the kids to school, walk with friends, it’s the kind of lowimpact exercise that comes naturally and can be enjoyed in any way you like. You don’t need any special equipment, skills or training, you don’t need to be part of a team, you don’t need a special venue to do it in, just strap on some comfy shoes and walk wherever you like.


Pilates is a workout activity that was originally developed for injured athletes and dancers as a low-impact method of exercise that would allow them to maintain their fitness while recovering from their injuries and rebuilding their strength. Inspired by yoga, ballet and calisthenics, Pilates is made up of a mixture of varying mat and equipment-based exercises that promote balance, flexibility, muscle strength and control, posture correction and physical coordination. It’s a great all-round physical activity that caters for all abilities, levels of fitness and special physical requirements. If you’re in need of a more gentle workout but don’t want to sacrifice physical challenge, try these low-impact exercises and get the best of both worlds.



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