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Friday, May 10, 2013

What I Learned About #LACTAID

**Thanks to TheMotherhood and LACTAID for this opportunity. I will be receiving compensation for my involvement in two posts and hosting a giveaway.**

Last week, I sat in on a conference call with members from TheMotherhood, other bloggers, Melissa d’ Arabian, LACTAID Brand Spokesperson, and Michelle Harrington , R.D. and LACTAID® Regulatory and Nutritional Affairs Manager to talk about LACTAID. My oldest son has a lactose intolerance so strong that we cut all dairy out of his diet. However, he's one of three children and it's tricky sometimes to keep everyone happy with the foods we eat.

Lactose is what you will find as the major carbohydrate in milk and dairy products and it's basically the milk sugar. When that lactose enters the intestine, lactase {an intestinal enzyme} breaks it down into two parts, glucose and galactose. And this process is what determines the lactose intolerance level in each person. The less lactose a body makes on its own, the greater the level of lactose intolerance. Each person has a different level and some people can develop an intolerance overtime, where it shows up later in life.

My son's doctor explained it to me this way, when the galactose hits the intestine, the body tries to break it down. For him, the body would continue to send the lactose back through again and again since it couldn't break it down, it would reject the lactose, and that would make him sick.

We began looking for milk substitutes after we nailed down my son's problem. I am so thankful for LACTAID and their line of products.

LACTAID products are 100% dairy but they add a natural enzyme {lactase} from yeast. This makes their milk taste a bit sweeter than normal milk. In their line of products, they create Milks, cottage cheese, ice cream, and even egg nog. I was so excited to see that they offer chocolate milk that is not only lactose free, it also has no high fructose corn syrup in it! And cottage cheese? My mom gave me cottage cheese with peaches or pears when I was little. I'm glad to know that I can share that with my son and not make him sick from the lactose in it. Also, don't get me started on ice cream. When we first learned of his intolerance, we couldn't find a dairy free ice cream, so we offered him sorbet {crazy expensive stuff}. Now, he can choose from Chocolate {always in our freezer}, Butter Pecan, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberries and Cream flavors. Each of the ice cream flavors is also gluten free with the exception of the Cookies and Cream.

In the coming months, I'll be trying out a recipe with LACTAID to make something my whole family can enjoy together. I can't wait to share that with you. In the meantime, please be sure to check out Melissa d' Arabian on the TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda as she shares ways to use LACTAID in recipes. Check out or




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