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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When The Whispers Come

There is a part of me so willing and excited to follow God's lead. This is the part of me that leads me to say "Yes" to Him, even if I think what He's asking of me is too big. I trust Him. I cling to Him as He shows me the next step. I rejoice with Him as I turn around and see where He has brought me.

The "Yes" answers unlock doors to the things He holds for me. But without fail, I see my feet being pecked at as I try to confidently take that next step. As I struggle for balance to stand where He's placed me, I feel a tug on one of my outstretched hands and a smack on the other. There is a fight to stay in that "next step" toward Him and the plans He has for me.

And just when I think the struggles have passed. When I think I can now stand in confidence without any resistance, the whispers begin.
"What are you doing?"
"You can't do this!"
"You'll never be able to make it."
"You're messing it all up!"
"Your children hate you!"
"Your husband is losing interest in you."

On and on they come against me. Maybe you've heard these too? These whispers that buzz like a mosquito in my ear. The more I flinch, and swat, the more they come. And maybe I'll entertain one of these whispers. Maybe I'll stop trying to fight it and begin to agree instead. Maybe the eyes that were once locked on Jesus fall to stare at my own feet and as I breathe, I inhale and exhale that whisper.

I become motionless. Stagnate. I'm no longer gaining any ground and I have nothing to rejoice in.
Have you been there? When I am feeling like God is so far away, the reality is He hasn't moved - the thing I've fixed my focus on has. What now?

What is the key?

Friends, I know if I am in Christ, I have the victory! Amen? The end of the story that says "WE WIN!" certainly brings hope. When these whispers come, I try and catch them before they do damage but I miss sometimes. So, I worship. Even if I don't feel like it, I lift my hands in worship.

Remember in Acts when Paul and Silas were bound in chains and imprisoned? They worshiped and prayed and the very foundations of the jail shook, breaking off the chains that held them. There is freedom in our worship. {Acts 16:25 & 26}

After that, I pray. I ask God to whisper HIS words into my heart. I choose to lift my eyes and fix my gaze on Him once more. And as I cry out to Him and show Him what a mess I've made, He gently wipes it all away. He cups my face in His hands and speaks words of peace, healing, forgiveness, grace, joy, unconditional love, and acceptance over me. I hear these words and my posture changes. I stand like I know I've already won and confidently take that next step with Him.

If you're in a place of defeat, don't stay there. Don't let the lies hold you still. Line up the whispers you hear with the ones God would say and choose to give your ear to Him.

Fix your gaze and keep on going.

All is grace.


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