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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Red

Five Minute Friday

Today, I'm joining with some crazy, brave and inspiring women at the blog of Lisa Jo Baker. Each Friday she gives a prompt and with that prompt, writers write for 5 minutes with no second-guessing. Just writing what comes to them. Then, they share and encourage each other. What a great {and scary} idea. 

I'm joining in and challenging you to do the same! Today's prompt is "Red".

He made me fall in love with the sound of acoustic guitar almost as quickly as I fell in love with him. In those early days of "getting to know you", when words came at an awkward pace, he would simply play his guitar and sing.

He made me brave with all the music being played straight out from his heart. 

One night I began to sing along with him...and he stopped, mid strum to look up at my face. He caught me off guard and I stopped my voice from its melody. And then I saw it. A smile grew across his face as he said "Oh! You sing!".

I didn't really know what to do except to keep singing with him. And while singing with him, I wished for my very own guitar, something I could play my own songs on...the songs my life wrote. 

I saved up money, and friends gave me money toward it as a gift, and I drove with him to the guitar store. I played the one song I knew, Redemption Songs, on the one red guitar that looked to be about my size. The sound that bellowed from the small guitar felt like it was my own, like it matched the sound of the voice I kept in my own small frame. 

And that red guitar? I will never part with it. Just like I will never part from the man who made me love its sound. 



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