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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

Five Minute Friday

Today, I'm joining with some crazy, brave and inspiring women at the blog of Lisa Jo Baker. Each Friday she gives a prompt and with that prompt, writers write for 5 minutes with no second-guessing. Just writing what comes to them. Then, they share and encourage each other. What a great {and scary} idea. 

I'm joining in and challenging you to do the same! Today's prompt is "She".

Ready? Go!

It came to my heart one day like a whisper, "Don't be offended". And in all my human nature, I replied with an all out laugh and a "Yah...right...don'tbeoffended...". Surely that whisper didn't know how she had hurt me. 

I opened up to her and invited her to my home. I made coffee and lunch. 

I opened up to her!

and I invited her into my heart...into my one heart that I had guarded so strongly because she said she would be a friend.

I supported her and complimented her and bought her things and made things for her babies...

I opened up...vulnerable and with the look in my eyes that begged "please, don't hurt me".

And she turned on me. She went ahead and hurt me anyway. And she insulted me. And the abuse kept coming in land mines set here and there.

Now, the whisper in my heart, "Don't be offended. Don't hold on to that offense. Don't keep a record of wrongs."

I could only cry. My heart had held on so hard to hurt. It held on tight to it and begged to feel love anyway. "Love does not keep a record of wrongs" the scriptures say. And then there's the golden rule of doing to others as I would want them to do to me. If HIS love doesn't hold on to offense, neither can mine. 

The other day, she shared some pretty great news with me. I nodded my head and smiled, sincerely happy for her.  I thanked God for His refining and prayed blessings for her.



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