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Thursday, September 12, 2013

#inMercy Launches Today! Please, Join Us!

Dear friend,

I wanted this to be an upbeat post. I wanted to come here excited and get you excited too. But instead, I'm here in awe of the way God has tied me into this great & amazing opportunity. 

I often pray this simple prayer, "God, break my heart with the things that break yours." I want to see outside of my life and my so-called inconveniences into the lives of those who truly need...who's need is so great that I can't possibly come to a full understanding of it. And when my friends at (in)courage put out the call to join with them to make a difference, I could only answer "YES!".

In 2012, I hosted my first (in)RL meetup with (in)Courage...without even fully knowing who they were or what they were about beside the common thread of Christ. At that meetup, I saw this video. In my core, I shuddered and my pride made me thankful that God had called Kristen & not me to these women. I was wrong, though. Putting my pride aside, I saw that God wanted me to be a part of this too and I only needed to wait & see how He wanted to do that. 

My answer is here. This is how I'm supposed to be involved. This is how I can help those same women in His name. 

In this Mercy House, there are now 12 mommas and 12 babies who are loved and learning how to care for their family. They stay in this Mercy House and they're in need of a few things. I've answered "yes" to being involved and I'm asking you to do the same. 

There are 5 phases to this and I'll be specifically involved with phase 3 while I'm at Allume in October. {I'll be on the tweet team!!}. Maybe you want to donate $1 to each phase. Maybe you can donate $5 for each phase. Maybe more? Maybe one phase in particular tugs at your heartstrings and you want to give to that specific need. Any way you give is perfect. 

Please, help us raise this money for Mercy House and say "Yes" to sparing someone a backstreet abortion that could potentially take her life. Say "yes" to helping your sisters in Kenya.

Photo credit: Bess Brownlee

Say "Yes" to their children and let them know that they are needed & loved & precious.

photo credit: Bess Brownlee

Stand in this circle with me. Take these hands and tell these young moms of the hope we have in the very love of God. Tell them you care and be a part of how they understand God to be their provider.

photo credit: Bess Brownlee
Your donations will go directly to them and are tax refundable. And donating is so simple. You can go straight to their Pure Charity page by clicking the widget in this post or on my sidebar.

Let's do this. Let's give them an amazing gift this Christmas: The gift of His love & of our hands to care.

*Please let me know if you have any questions about donating and if I don't have the answer, I'll get it to you. Thanks for taking this on with me! I love your giving heart.*



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