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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How I Ended Up At Allume


A dear friend told me I should attend this conference since I was a blogger...and a Christian. I guess it just made sense that a Christian blogger would want to go to a Christian blogging conference. I laughed as a response. My snarky tongue got the best of me and I said "Yah...that would be great, but that's a money thing. You're going to have to tell God about that one for me."

Wasn't that gross of me? Here, someone is offering a helpful and relevant piece of advice and all I can do is snap a sarcastic jab at it in return. Money. That topic chokes my faith every.single.time. To answer "Why?" would take another post...perhaps an entirely different website altogether. The point is, this is where the enemy hits me until I respond in sarcasm to God's ability to pay the way for me. I doubt it will happen and that's just it...on the exterior.

When I went home from her house and crawled into my bed that night, I asked God if, even in my doubt, He would let me go.

I didn't ask Him that to prove a point to myself. I didn't even ask Him so that I could have my own way. I just knew there was something about this "blogging conference" that I wanted to be a part of. I decided that I would leave it alone after I asked Him. I chose to kind of sit back and see what would happen.

From the day I prayed that prayer sometime in the winter months of this year, until the day I took off on a plane headed for Greenville, SC, God said "Yes". Before I knew it, I started getting all kinds of paying jobs on my blog. I decided to put the money aside and quickly saw that I had more than enough for the conference ticket...and if I could find a roommate, I would only need to save up for the flight.

I tested the step of faith before I took it by asking in a facebook group if anyone wanted to be my roomie. Within a short amount of time, I found her and I bought my conference ticket. Also? I had to go ahead and buy plane tickets before the price got too high, but my bank account was refunded weeks before I left for the conference. 100% of my trip was paid for before I left and not one penny came out of my pocket! Amazing, right?

This is just the story of how I got to the conference. There is so much more to share. There are so many moments that I still need to process. But yes, I loved Allume. It was beyond anything I could have expected.

I'll share more with you soon!



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