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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Your Place At The Roots

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Big conferences gather together groups of "big bloggers" to teach bloggers who wish to be "big" or wish to be known by the "big". I see this thing happen every single time there's a blogging conference {yes, I'm referring to the Christian ones for this post}. Twitter blows up with "OMG" moments and instagram pics and facebook status updates and "wish you were here" quotes and "where's my girls who had to sit this one out?" gatherings. But in the hush that comes after the conference, when the groups of bloggers have gone home and none of the "big bloggers" named you her new BFF, what then?

Let me be real honest with you about something. I used to wish some big name blogger would come along and just love my heart enough to make me relevant. I know...sad stuff, right? Because in the seeking of being relevant, I was missing my chance to be relevant. In looking to {insert big name blogger here} to link arms with me and tag me "in", I was missing my chance to link arms with God's call for me and be all in on the plan He's designed.

This is the chord that was playing in me at the end of last year. I had this uncomfortable, unsteady chord singing in my heart and I couldn't hear it for its music until I allowed myself to lay down with my ear to the ground asking "I'm listening. Play it again?". That one tune from that one chord has broken my heart and has been slowly shaking me awake, from the inside out. Each strum of that one chord breaks away more and more of my own ideal and reveals more and more of the path He chooses.

For me? It starts in the small.

Saying "yes" to lifting my voice in worship looks like being an active part of the worship ministry in my church. Saying "yes" to community looks like stopping to talk to people around me and being bold enough to speak up about the things on my heart for building that community in my church. {It also looks like saying "yes" to being asked to speak at another church to their women's ministry. *gulp*} Saying "yes" to using my past for His glory looks like stepping out in faith in local projects and also in being a positive influence in the lives of young people I see as a result of being a homeschooling mom and active member of my church.

There may not be any spotlights here, y'all. I may not get a phone call from that big blogger asking me to be a part of this or that. Those conferences may never see me fit to be on a panel. I may not get snail mail from friends who are writing books or doing other big things. My life may be just here. It could be that I'm supposed to be faithful here, at the roots of community around me. Wouldn't God want us all to begin just where we are?

Look around you, friend. Where is the place He has you right now?  What is He asking to do right within your own zip code?  Who's are the faces He has placed in your life and are you even paying attention to them? Can you see the place He has you more than the place you wish you were? 

Where I am? Friend, I am ecstatic to be here. I may not gain any benefits or benchmarks from here but I can make.HIM.famous.  My life can be the VIP room, where I can just be with people and invite Christ to be right there in that conversation. My home could be the next "tour stop" where HE comes and just hangs out with my friend and I as we drink coffee & sort out what our everyday lives are meant to be in His kingdom. My Instagram feed could be the place where I point to Him as the one who sets people free as I work to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. This place He's created for me is full of purpose and must not be overlooked or made into a stepping stone to get to the place I think would be better.

If my life is focused on Him and His design, I'm exactly where I should be, come what may...or may not.

Check this out. I Peter 5:4-7 {The Message} says: 
 When God, who is the best shepherd of all, comes out in the open with his rule, he’ll see that you’ve done it right and commend you lavishly. And you who are younger must follow your leaders. But all of you, leaders and followers alike, are to be down to earth with each other, for—
God has had it with the proud,But takes delight in just plain people. 
So be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs. God’s strong hand is on you; he’ll promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you.

Today, I challenge you to see the beauty of being plain. Yes, your no makeup face, no mom of the year accolades, everyday, mundane, plain place is something He delights in. HE DELIGHTS "in just plain people".

The place we find ourselves in today - right this second - is totally on purpose and for a purpose even if we're doing nothing at all in comparison to someone who is flown all over the country for her popularity. Embrace it. Love the place you're in and ask God what you can do for Him there. He delights in you and He is careful with you. He knows the big picture and has something unique for you.  Amen?

I'm praying for you as I type these words. I'm praying that a stirring will happen where more and more people begin to embrace where they are and live fully and faithfully there. He can do big things with plain people!!



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