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Friday, November 7, 2014

New Littlest Pet Shop Toys & Cartoon! (Sponsored)

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Littlest Pet Shop. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

Do you ever find it’s tricky being a parent these days? I feel like that often. With my children knowing how to play on things like tablets and smartphones, I worry about losing them to technology. I think there has to be a balance but I also feel that the balance each family finds is going to look different from others. 

In my home, we try to limit what we call “screen time”. We allow it but we control how often and how many minutes they’re allowed to play at one time. Beyond that, we encourage them to play together with the many toys they have to play with or read a book. 

My middle child has just turned 5 and she’s been a big fan of Littlest Pet Shop toys for at least the past year. It was something she enjoyed playing but she could never quite rope her big brother into playing with her. That was, until recently. 

See, with the limit on screen time they enjoy each other’s company more and with the latest from Littlest Pet Shop, they’ve truly bonded over this "pink and purple" play set. And it’s perfectly OK with me because they’ve both found ways to play with it that match their interests and strengths. 

My son is 7 and he’s “all boy” as some would say. But when he saw the Littlest Pet Shop style sets, he became very excited. See, he’s the kind of boy who LOVES to put things together. He designs and builds things all day in his room with his blocks. The new style sets can be customized and changed over and over again….and his 5  year old sister always needs help. Can you see how this is great for them? 


We had a party day to celebrate all this “New”. We watched a DVD of the Littlest Pet Shop episodes {that we found out we can watch on the Discovery Family Channel}. Then, we built our style sets called Blythe Bedroom and Littlest Pet Shop. We played with them side by side and then I showed them how they could be stacked as well. They had so much fun playing out the storyline from the DVD with the new characters they received. 

My kiddos are STILL playing with these pets {and remembering to pick them up so the puppy doesn’t get them} and are now asking for more style sets to add in. Really, these are so much fun! We’re so happy to have had the chance to try them out.



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