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Thursday, January 29, 2015

On That Time I Spoke To A MOPS Group

Last night, I was asked to take a week off of ministering to my 3rd-5th grade students so I could come and speak to my church's MOPS/Moms Next group. These women are my people, my tribe, my "Me too" momma's who understand things without judgement. 

It's a little funny. I had no idea why I would be asked to share my story with them. I tend to want to throw out a disclaimer. "Warning: This life story is extremely heavy at times. Listen with caution." As if I need to protect people from where I come from. 

But, the heaviness is what makes the story's what helps people understand why my worship is BIG and why I choose to smile today in the face of adversity. A heavy testimony is just a great amount of evidence that God does make beauty from ashes. Amen?

Reflecting back on the night and seeing the eyes crying because some part of what I shared was resonating somewhere deep in the hearts of my sisters, hearing people talk around tables as they shared from their hearts, this is why I tell my story. If I've been cleaned up from so much "ick", if my wounds have been healed and made whole, it's worth sharing so others can get free.

Naturally, I wanted to come here and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and share the beauty from ashes that you are but I remembered I wrote about this once before. Hop back in time with me and read why I feel it's so important that you tell your story. <----  click the link. 



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