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Friday, May 20, 2016

Father's Day Gift Idea: JORD Wood Watch {Review & Giveaway}

Thanks to the company that sponsored this review. I was not compensated beyond the review item. All opinions are my own. Others may have a different opinion or experience.

The school year is wrapping up, the weather is turning warmer, the days are getting longer and many of us are on the hunt for the perfect Father's Day gift. You Too?


Hang in there because I'm about to hit you with an amazing idea, a way to save some money, and a giveaway all in this one blog post. {Psst...if you'd rather shop for yourself than someone else, I'll never tell and I certainly couldn't blame you for it.}

JORD is the name of the brand you need to know. You're writing this down, right? They sell the most beautiful wood watches in many different styles for guys and gals alike. They sent me one to check out. {Did you catch my Facebook Live box opening?} Friends? I fell hard for this watch and get compliments on it everywhere I go. 

Let me share some eye candy with you. I'll begin at the beginning - the first impression. 

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In that Facebook Live video, you'll notice me oohing over this fancy, shmancy wood box. It is so beautifully made and something that you don't need to hide away after you get your watch out. This could easily be added to your home decor or sit nicely on your nightstand. 

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The top of the box slides off and reveals your purchase. My choice? This is the Maple & Lavender style from the Cora series. It's absolutely as stunning as it looks with its sapphire crystal glass and swarovski crystal markers. I love the rich lavender face contrasted on the more neutral and blond shade of the Maple wood. I also found this to be a perfect option with my fair skin tone. 

The Cora watch retails for $275 and for only $10 more, you can get custom sizing. This option is worth the small cost, especially considering how excited you'll be to put this on once it arrives to your front door. 

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review blog

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The quality of this piece is incomparable to anything I've owned in the past. It's made well enough for me to wear it throughout my day and not think "Maybe I shouldn't be wearing my watch" when I get into my daily chores or playing with my 4 year old. The only time I take it off is to sleep, shower, work in my garden, or do dishes. Otherwise, I find that it's easy to coordinate with whatever I'm wearing...even when I was dressed up for a wedding recently.

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{Check out the hashtag on social media to see ways others are loving their JORD watches!}

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Y'all? Sometimes it's the "simple" things that make you fall in love. I wanted to show you another one of my favorite details. On the other side of the blond maple wood is a deployment buckle with a push button. You can see a bit of the push button on the left side of the band here. There's one on the right side as well. By squeezing the buttons in, the buckle opens up and I can easily remove my watch. I love simplicity. 


Can I talk to you about the giveaway now? I've been patiently sharing all the things I love about my JORD wood watch with you but I've been dying to get to this. Ready?   JORD has kindly offered to host a giveaway for you. One winner will receive a $75 e-voucher! {giveaway ends 6-12-16}


Anyone who enters will receive a $20 e-gift card. YES! ANYONE who enters automatically gets $20 to shop with if you're not the $75 winner. 

How do you enter? Go to my Giveaway Page and fill out the simple entry form. Easy peasy. 

I would love it if you came back from your "window shopping" to tell me about what style/color you fell in love with!! 



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