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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Santa Claus Is Coming To...Twelve Oaks Mall {& A Giveaway}

Inside Novi's Twelve Oaks Mall, is a wonderfully fun adventure just waiting for boys and girls to take. It's called "Santa's Flight Academy" and it is the perfect way to enjoy the tradition of getting pictures taken with Santa. 

This experience really kicks it up a knotch as it has multiple areas for the young ones to participate in helping Santa with hands-on stations. This will definitely help pass the time with making fun memories rather than waiting in a long, boring line. 

(Psst...speaking of lines, you need to head to the Twelve Oaks website and make an appointment so you don't need to worry about it. This will be a busy spot!) 

Back to Santa's Flight Academy. Each child will get their own badge at check-in. This is what he/she will use around the different stations. The kiddos will love when they scan their badge and see their name come up on the screen. 

At the first stop, they'll be able to see what they look like in the flight suit they selected. It all comes to digital life on that big screen in front of them. It's like playing dress up without ruining the outfit you've so carefully selected for their photo. (You've gotta love that!).

Next, they're on to the sleigh where they can help fill the sleigh with gifts, make sure to get Santa to Detroit for Christmas morning, and check the weather for Santa.  

Little ones will then find out that Santa's sleigh is powered by the voices of little kids. They can yell something into the speaker and hear it come out in an elf voice. {This part is so cute. It made me giggle to hear an elf version of myself shouting "Merry Christmas!!". LOL}

From there, you'll learn that it isn't always a good thing to take a break for cookies. The kiddos will sure enjoy hitting the buttons to turn on the booster engines for Santa, though. And they'll get to hear how grateful Santa is for their help right through the speakers there. 

Now that your little one is officially Santa's hero, they can walk right into the sleigh for a dance party. This room has dance lights going, snow falling, and music playing. All around the room are screens where your child will see his/her name and see other elves dancing. And for a bonus? This is the perfect chance for little ones to work out their wiggles before they meet Santa, himself. 

Once you're on the other side of the sleigh, your little one will scan their tag and it will be announced to Santa that they are there to see him. This is such a personal greeting and a wonderful detail that keeps the little ones in mind. I mean, they're not supposed to need to introduce themselves to Santa, are they? ; ) lol 

And this Santa? Oh, my. He's incredible. He's very friendly and his beard sparkles. The little ones are going to love the fact that they got to meet the real Santa. {PS: I may or may not have been given a scolding from a helper elf for taking a Santa't try this at home. Mmmkay? ;)  }

Pictures with Santa...
Ah, yes!
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