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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I Am A Foster Mom

I am a Foster Mom.

Just typing those words makes me sit up a bit straighter and hold my head up. And is that because I'm so proud of myself? Ha! NO! It's because of the face I see in my mind when I say those words; the boy I have the privilege of caring for.

There was a time in my life when I complained about the loooooooong waiting process of becoming a foster mom. Twelve years ago, the hubster and I set it as a family mission - caring for a child from the foster care system. Twelve years ago, we thought we were ready. Twelve years ago, now almost 13, we had our first biological child and quickly learned we knew precious little about being parents.

The hubster and I spent time volunteering at summer camps for foster children. You all remember my posts about the things I was making for camp and my experiences there? Surely after all that exposure and training, we were ready. Right?

In the 12 years of waiting, we've been busy raising 3 beautiful kiddos of our own and made one giant leap from living in Michigan (where we were *this* close to being a licensed home) to living in Kentucky (where we had to begin the process again). We believed the entire time that WE WERE READY, ALREADY.

We received our foster care license in Kentucky and waited 7 months before we received a call for our first placement. This boy. This one we care for as if he were born to us. He came to us as a respite placement, meaning we were allowed to back out of the commitment after a weekend if we felt he was too much for us.

And I instantly fell in love.
And I instantly saw the amazing potential he had (if only he were encouraged).
And my heart has broken many, many times while learning who this boy is and what his life was before me.
And I dread the day I have to give him back but know I will send him back knowing he is loved.

This boy is proof that waiting is beneficial. Had we met him any sooner, we wouldn't have been ready. I can tell you, this boy deserves 12 years of waiting and growing on our part. He deserves the entire world if you can afford to give it.

I hope you all will welcome me back to this space of sharing my life and experiences with you. I hope you will all celebrate with me the new word I've added to my title of "Mom". Being a Foster parent has taught me so very, very much and I intend to share my heart and soul with you on that very topic.

Let's take this journey together, yes? We are not all meant to be Foster Parents but you are welcome to be a part of the village here. I welcome your questions, your advice, your encouragement, & your prayers.



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