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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Broadway in Cincinnati is BACK with Pretty Woman (review)

I didn't know how much I missed seeing plays until last night.
And if I can be totally honest with you, (we're still on "keep it real" terms, right?) I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this musical. 
Yes, I've long been a fan of the movie Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts & Richard Gere... I mean, what's not to love about that pair? But it does leave some pretty big shoes to fill, right? (If you're Vivian, that would be a size 9.)

Walking into the theatre, I was saying "They better not miss some of the big one-liners of the movie. Like when Kit is cheering Vivian on saying 'Work it. Own it.' If that's missing, I'm just going to be disappointed."

Before the play began, we were greeted by Elizabeth from Broadway Across America. She talked about how long the theater sat empty while they waited to be allowed to open it back up. She excitedly welcomed us back and thanked the subscribers and sponsors for all their support. People cheered in response. Some even stood. If you love the theater like I do, you understand how exciting it is to actually get to sit in that velvet chair again.

On with the play review. I mean, that's what you really want to hear, isn't it? 

If you love the movie Pretty Woman, you're really going to enjoy the musical. Really and truly. They handle the retelling of the story so well. The music and costumes fit the late 80's vibe perfectly. They invite you into that 1989 Lotus and drive you right back in time to where it all began.

Olivia Valli (Vivian) and Adam Pascal (Edward) have amazing chemistry (as they should) and I believe that you will find yourself falling in love with their love story all over again. Adam and Olivia both had moments on stage that were just like watching Julia and Richard in the film. While they make the characters their own, they nod to their origins. Beautifully, beautifully done!

YES! The one-liners are there and executed so perfectly. Each one made me smile so big when I heard it. Come back and tell me how many you counted when you see it and which is your favorite.

Again, I have to talk about the music. I.LOVED.IT. It was the perfect compliment to the storyline and the vocal talent of the entire cast was top notch. It has a familiar feel (for us "oldies" lol) and honestly made me wish I had bought some black over the knee boots to wear to the play. I wanted to be part of what I was watching and hearing. 

Special Callouts:

Y'all, keep your eyes on Kyle Taylor Parker (Happy Man) during the play. Actually, scratch that. You won't be able to miss him. He's a man of many hats, or dance shoes? And he is hysterical. He honestly had me laughing out loud a few different times. He moves the story along while he's best friends with the audience. I loved watching him.

Matthew Vincent Taylor plays Giulio and was another favorite of mine to watch. He puts so much energy into his role and had me looking forward to when I would get to see him again in another scene. He's just delightful. 

Amma Osei is Violetta. She was the star of the opera scene. Y'all, she had me absolutely covered in goosebumps when she sang. I won't soon forget her voice or how she absolutely stole the show. 

OK. That's enough from me. What you need to be doing is heading over to the Broadway in Cincinnati website and grabbing your tickets. DO NOT MISS this play while it's in town. Grab your bestie and get there. You won't regret it. 

**I was gifted tickets to the show in exchange for my review.


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