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Friday, April 22, 2022

A Night With Disney's FROZEN in Cincinnati (Review)

 **I was given complimentary tickets in exchange for my honest review and social media shares. Thanks, Broadway in Cincinnati!**

Disney's Frozen - Broadway in Cincinnati

    FROZEN. As in...the play based on that one movie that was played on repeat in my house as my 2 little girls acted out every scene. The soundtrack that probably was played to death in my van's CD player because I haven't seen it in a long time and have no living idea where it went. The characters, the costumes, the one-liner's, the laughter, and the memories all live in that one title; FROZEN. 

    Those memories are years ago. That's probably true for many of you, too. Us mamas had to learn to "Let it go" and bring in all the dolls and costumes and plush Olafs and Svens. It makes me laugh with the best memories of some of the most joyous times. 

    Last night those memories warmed my heart again as my now 12 year old daughter and I headed into Cincinnati to see the story as told on the stage. This was her first experience seeing a Broadway play and it was the best introduction for her and I to share together. (And yes, she's hooked and wants to see more plays now.)

Disney does not disappoint. That probably doesn't need to be said but I need you to know how much I appreciated this production's every detail. 

Disney's Frozen  - Broadway in Cincinnati

Lights, sounds, vibrant hues, snow, ice out of thin air, summer, dancing, a little bit of you, hygge (it's a thing)  and...Samantha?

Disney's FROZEN - Broadway in Cincinnati

    Anyway, it's all there. FROZEN is a feast for your eyes and a callback to all the things you remember and love about Disney. My daughter was spotting hidden Mickeys and saying all the "Mom! Did you see...?" things. 

    We laughed hard and at one point or another I was digging through my handbag to find the Kleenex. We boo'd loudly at Hans (maybe more than once) and so badly wanted to hug Olaf.

    What's best of all is while visiting old memories, we were making new ones. That, all by itself, is the true "Magic of Disney".

    Oh, and of course, Elsa is a true queen and her costume change will absolutely slay you. (Actually, the entire "Let it go" performance and effects will make you nearly "burst from the inside out".) Every song, every dance sequence, every costume and set's all perfect and amazing and so worth seeing in person. 

Disney's Frozen - Broadway in Cincinnati

Disney's Frozen - Broadway in Cincinnati

    Please, oh please, tell me you're going to grab tickets and see this while it's in town. Take your kiddos. (There were so many tiny Elsa's at the show last night.) Or take your best buddy. This musical is for all ages and will bring you to your feet with cheers. You can click on any of the FROZEN images in this post to be taken to the website where you can learn more and get your tickets. 




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