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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Band's Visit In Cincinnati June 19 - 24 (Review)

Broadway in Cincinnati


Oh, friends. Let me tell you about my Tuesday night just over the river in Cincinnati.
I was invited by Broadway in Cincinnati to opening night of The Band's Visit. This is a play I was not familiar with but when I saw photos and read a little synopsis, I thought I should invite my oldest son to come as my guest and enjoy a night at the theater with him. I'm SO glad I did.

My oldest boy is in Marching Band, is very interested in music and loves being exposed to different styles. This was an incredible opportunity for him to enjoy that and be wrapped up in a charming story at the same time.

So, a brief synopsis of this story is that this story is about a Police Band that ends up in Israel instead of Egypt. They encounter locals who open their homes to the band and in doing so, they share their stories with their visitors and the audience. 

Broadway in Cincinnati

I was spellbound at the overture and was completely enchanted by each turn of the page in this play's storytelling.  

Broadway in Cincinnati

A favorite story for me was from the scene in the photograph above. Avrum, the man standing at the table, is telling his story of finding love and does so with a song. His song and expression made my face light up and put happy tears in my eyes. I found myself remembering my own version of what he was sharing and wished I could get up on stage and dance around with him. 

Broadway in Cincinnati

Yes, each story will move you in a different way and you will be completely charmed off your seat as you're wrapped up in stories, and interlude, and foreign yet familiar prose.

Broadway in Cincinnati

I felt like I was fast friends with each character and I was rooting for all of them in unique ways. Isn't that the effect of beautiful storytelling? 

Broadway in Cincinnati

And when the curtain call comes, don't rush out the door! Stay and have a seat and listen to the amazing talent of the band as they perform a piece together for the audience. At one point, I leaned over to my son and said "This is insane! They're amazing!!". And my son smiled big and said "Yah. They are. Those people who left early are missing the best part."

And since we can all agree that teenagers are usually good for telling it like it they see it, (like it or not) you should probably just take his word for it and enjoy the "best part" of the play. ;) 

In all seriousness, I want to encourage you to go see this play while it's in town. On their Instagram feed, ( @broadwaycincy ) you will find information for rush tickets should you qualify for a discount.  It is worth your time. I already want to see it again. 

*As always, thanks to Broadway in Cincinnati for the complimentary tickets in exchange for a review and social media sharing*



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