Separation Anxiety

It's official. Alex is suffering from an extreme case of separation anxiety. We've tried everything we could think of...including attending second service to grant access to a more age appropriate class that is not available first service.

This morning, hubster and I attempted to leave Alex in his class at church. He did just fine until we said "See you in a little bit." At that moment...and apparently for the next 2o minutes, he cried hysterically. I was paged only 3 church songs later and found my son in a bucket of tears. He couldn't even catch his breath from crying so hard.

I felt sick to my stomach. How could I have done this to him? I'm sure he'll never forgive me for this.

I'm officially lost. I have no idea what to do. I was even one thought away from determining I should just stay home with him and listen to church on the podcast from now on.


I know, with a little patience, we will get through this. I just wish Alex could have stayed content to be held and hold his lovey on Sunday mornings. And until I figure out what to do, I don't think he'll be visiting the kids in his classroom.

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  1. We're having the same issue with our daughter -- she can't be in the service with us (too young to quietly sit still) but she freaks out in the nursery and her class.


    Anyway, have a fantastic Monday!
    (visiting from Mom Bloggers Club)

  2. From one that was on the other side of it (preschool teacher) the advice that I gave one of my parents that was going through the same thing (an no, you're not alone in this) is that it truly is a phase and they will grow out of it. Could be a quick phase could be a long one. Either way I found that the best way for the child to adjust is for the parent to just leave as soon as the child was engaged. Don't say a word. I know it's hard (believe me it was with my own son) but it does work. Also needed is some very patient workers. I also believe that the worse thing to do is to give up.

    Hang in there! You both will get through it.

  3. I know that I've left quite a few comments today but I just wanted to leave one more to let you know that I've subscribed to your feed. That way I can keep up with your blog.

  4. We had this issue with my girl. I can assure she did get over it! I think there were a few reasons. Something more subtle, but effective, I would leave her alone for a few minutes. So if I was doing laundry, rather then wait till she's asleep, I'd make sure all the gates were up, tell her where I was going and that I'd be right back, then go to the basement, do what I do, and come back. You start with a few seconds and then work up to a few minutes. Part of the anxiety, especially with SAHMS is that they are literally with us every second of every day! I'd be upset too! I also took her regularly to the babysitter room at the YMCA while I was working out, so that helped her get used to it. And lastly, just as Kim said, I didn't coddle her when I dropped her off. I got down on her level and said, "Mommy is going to work out, I will be back soon, have fun, I love you." Kiss and bye bye. No looking back. It was rough! But I think it's worse dragging it out when you are still going to leave anyway. Especially since I knew full well that she'd stop crying with a minute of my departure. Hope that helps some. Good luck!

  5. Oh my! My name is Amy and I just did a post on separation Anxiety too! You don't have a 16 month old do you?


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