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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ode To A Flat Iron

Today, I mourn the loss of my flat iron. It suddenly decided that it would power on and light up, but it will no longer heat up. This is very sad for me.
It's rediculous that I would develop an attachment to a device such as a flat iron, but without it, I find myself struggling with vanity.
Do I dare to leave my home without using my flat iron? Will a curling iron cut it?
I know it's silly-sounding.
How often in life do we get ourselves in such a routine with some thing we can't live without? How often does that dependency paralyze us from leaving our homes if that thing suddenly stops functioning?
I'm not trying to get too deep or anything. I just find that I'm very disappointed in myself for having too great an attachment.
Will that hinder me from buying another A.S.A.P.? No way!
I just hope I'm able to learn a small lesson from this.


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