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Thursday, May 1, 2008

filled to overflowing

2 Chronicles 6:18
"...Why, even the highest heavens cannot contain you. How much less this Temple I have built!"

Any of my Myspace blog viewers know my current project. A childhood friend of mine lost one of her friends during childbirth. This story is so tragic and so sad! A devoted husband is now a single father to a newborn baby girl.

I decided to enter him in a drawing for a designer diaper bag (pictured above). I figured that he could use it and it would be cool for him to have a "Dad bag" versus the girly bags that plague the stores.

He didn't win the drawing, but the owner of the company, along with her husband, decided to give him a bag anyway. I was so excited and grateful! I knew God was in it!

I've since been e-mailing out my home address as it has become a sort of "hub" for gifts to fill up the diaper bag. Perfect strangers have been offering to go out and buy or handmake things for this little girl. I think about 4 care packages and a gift card are being sent along with personal notes for the Dad and baby.

This morning, I was reading my daily devotions and this blog's intro verse was the one I read. I shook my head and said to myself "this is such a great way to sum up this experience". I couldn't fill this diaper bag on my own. Goodness knows, being a stay-at-home Mom doesn't leave a ton of room in the budget for a "just because" shopping spree.

I'm just moved that God took my idea for giving to this new Dad and turned it into one of the biggest and most rewarding things I've been a part of.

If one person opens their hands and says "You can use these, God", you better believe that He'll use them. It's great to see the way He's teamed people up with me to take care of just one of His children.

Just this morning, I received a message from the owner of a Parent-child oriented business locally. She saw my entry for the bag and then saw this story again at her chiropractor's office and took it as a sign that she should help. I'm not sure what she's offering, but she wants to speak with the Dad directly so I'm trying to get the message to him to e-mail her.

My project to get a diaper bag to a Dad who could really use it has turned into something much bigger than me. God has filled this bag to overflowing and I'm possitive that this may be just the beginning of His provision for little Skylar and her Dad.


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